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Document Scanning and Retrieval

Scanning and retrieval software serves our clients most common needs.  Save space, secure the paper documents and help retrieve, print, and email them faster than they could while in paper format.  There are also many advanced benefits that come with scanning and retrieval software such as: audit trails, backup of vital documents, rights and permission controls, and reporting. Below are the scanning and retrieval systems that we sell and support:

EMS by Electronic Media Systems - We designed our software from the ground up with simplicity in mind.  Our users enjoy being able to scan large documents and break them apart into smaller sections electronically and then route documents to other queues within the system.  Indexing of the documents is fast and intuitive.  Most of all, our clients love the pricing.  Since we own the source code and all components, we can get aggressive on the pricing.  We sell this system for on-site installations only and it does not currently come in a SAAS (software as a service) model.


Filebound by Upland Software - Filebound is a very robust document management and workflow system.  It contains one of the best workflow design tools in the business. It also has a very user friendly interface for performing simple retrieval of documents.  The scanning interface is more complex and has advanced OCR and document recognition capabilities.  Filebound has a SAAS model and an on premise model. The SAAS model is typically priced as a 1 or 3 year term with fixed pricing during the term based on the number of pages you add to the system.

Imagesilo by Digitech Systems - Imagesilo SAAS software is one of the most widely used hosted retreival systems in the business.  It has been around for a long time and has a very impressive service up-time record.  Imagesilo is priced by the number of Gigabytes used in the system.  The number of pages does not matter in Imagesilo's pricing model, only the amount of space used on the server.  Another strong benefit is that the system has and unlimited user capacity and the customer is not charged anything additional for having hundreds of users.


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