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Workflow & Eforms

Workflow software is designed to automate processes within an organization.  Any process that exists on paper, can be automated using workflow and Eforms.  Common departments that are conducive to workflow automation are Human Resources and Accounts Payable.  Both of these departments are paper intensive in large organizations and are prime targets for automation.

Filebound by Upland Software - Filebound has one of the most advanced and easy to use workflow designers on the market.  When coupled with its newer Eform capabilities, it becomes a very robust, end to end solution that can completely eliminate paper processes, improve efficiency, and compliance.  Digital signatures can also be obtained in the eform so that you don't have to print a document out for signature only to scan it back in again. Filebound has built integrations into popular accounts payable systems such as Dynamics and many others.  

Filebound Brochure (click below)
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